Courageous Cody


I received a message this morning that shook me to my core. And got me thinking, "what if this was my son or daughter...."

Direct text from the GoFundMe page.
"On Monday 12th March 2018 Cody collapsed at home with a bleed on the brain. Living in a country town he was air lifted to Adelaide where he will be until July/August 2018. He has to wait for surgery as he has brain swelling & the medical staff are draining fluid from his brain. Once the swelling goes down he will need brain surgery with months of rehabilitation. Kelly will be living at the WCH & can not go back to work, this will put financial pressure on the family let alone the costs of living away from home. The support from everyone will ensure Andy can take time off of work to take their other two children Adelaide to have family visits taking the pressure off for paying for everyday things. I thank you in advance for your support it means a lot to them."

More details at their GoFundMe page. Click here.

So far the page has raised $4150 of their goal of $10,000.