New Research Into Tradie Prices

I'm starting to wish I'd learned a trade instead of what I'm doing now, but then I wouldn't be doing the job I love doing.

It's not just doctors and lawyers earning the big bucks, sparkys and plumbers are making it rain as well.

A newly released trade rich list for 2018 financial year has found removalists from NSW has taken out the top spot with their charge-out rates. Removalists in SA have taken the 2nd spot.

They are pulling in a casual $95.21 per hour, up from $88.49 in the 2017 financial year.

According to job quote website ServiceSeeking’s data, plumbers follow second earning $83.04 and electricians come in third place at $75.71 per hour.

I'm presuming these are just averages around the nation.


Now lets look at it by state:


While most states had a rise, removalists in SA, WA and QLD dropped their price.