Ceduna crime crisis brought before Parliament

February 19, 2024 11:45 am in by
Photo: Sam Telfer MP - Member for Flinders via Facebook

Ceduna is facing a crime crisis, and locals are calling for help and questioning their future in the region.

Member for Flinders Sam Telfer says something needs to be done soon.

“Community members and business owners from Ceduna have been contacting me… with their concerns about the escalating crime and anti-social behaviour within Ceduna, and it’s gotten to a point of desperation, Mr Telfer says.

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“In Parliament last week, I took the opportunity to be able to read… to those Ministers that were listening some of those concerns directly off the letters that I’ve received.”

Many residents believe there’s a lack of awareness around the severity of crime in Ceduna.

“I worry that because it’s such a long way away from Adelaide, it’s not properly understood, and this is part of my role as local member – to make sure that I’m reflecting the community of Ceduna with what I’m telling decision-makers.

“If you’ve got people who are saying ‘I have to sleep in my business for fear of it being broken into’, people who have lived in Ceduna for decades that are now reconsidering their future in Ceduna – it’s not acceptable, it’s not sustainable, and we need something done different.”