Operation Danger in full swing

September 5, 2023 12:40 pm in by
Photo: Nigel Killeen from Getty Images.

In a bid to curb the road toll, South Australia Police have commenced a new operation targeting dangerous road users in regional and metropolitan areas.

Operation Danger targets those who drive without due care, disobey traffic lights and signs, fail to keep left when required, follow too close, engage in dangerous lane changes, misuse their motor vehicle, and drink and drug drive.

Penalties and sanctions for offences will range from cautions to fines, vehicle impoundment, immediate loss of licence and imprisonment.

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Superintendent Darren Fielke says an analysis of SA’s road toll in the past year shows 21 lives were lost due to dangerous road user behaviour.

This year there have been 77 lives lost and 564 serious injuries on South Australian roads, exceeding last year’s total of lives lost in only 8 months.

Police hope operations like this will stop the number increasing.