United Yeelanna maintain top spot with 140-point win

June 26, 2023 1:44 pm in by

In Round 8 of Port Lincoln Football, Lincoln South took down Bostons 25-13, Marble Range conquered Mallee Park 47-15, and Tasmans defeated Waybacks 49-11.

In Round 10 of the Great Flinders League, Elliston Districts bested Lock 62-59, Cummins Ramblers smashed Cummins Kapinnie 86-11, and United Yeelanna maintained their top spot winning against Eyre United by 140 points – 161-21.

And in Eastern Eyre, Round 8 saw Ranges victorious against Kimba 85-20, and Ports annihilated Cowell by 110 – winning 139-29.

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