SA Snapper Stocks to See a Significant Boost

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South Australian snapper stocks are about to see a significant boost with more than 300,000 fingerlings to be released into the states waters over the coming months.

The $500,000 restocking program aims to help snapper stocks recover from critically low levels in South Australia’s gulf waters.

Approximately half of the fingerlings will start to be released in Gulf St Vincent over the next week with the remaining fingerlings expected to be released into Spencer Gulf in autumn.

Adult stock were collected from both Gulfs in 2019 and after successful spawning, fingerlings have been raised at the South Australian Research and Development Institute’s (SARDI) West Beach facility.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the SARDI scientists cracked the code for successful snapper spawning, resulting in healthy fingerlings, which are now at the optimal release size of 40-60mm. 





Image by roeuny from Pixabay