Local Charity Bins Being Trashed and Treated as Dumping Grounds

st vinnie port lincoln

Port Lincoln St Vincent De Paul family welfare organisation is calling on the local community to be mindful of the items they’re donating or, in somewhat dumping.

While many useful and quality items are donated daily, volunteers are seeing an increase in broken or non-usable items being dumped and people rummaging through the bins when full.

St Vinnies Volunteer Jeff Browne says it’s becoming a huge problem when there is an overflow of broken items, volunteers are doing multiple dump runs a week and it encourages people to steal.

“All I’m asking is that the people who come to our deposit bins, they leave clean usable items and not treated it as a waste refuse.

"We've got CCTV footage over the top of the bin and regularly there are people there that will go through things, throwing things over their shoulder, and the mess it causes is havoc for everyone who has to clean it up.

Jeff says on some occasions they have even found GREEN waste left behind for them to deal with or people in the bins helping themselves to whatever they like.

Items that are donated are given to people in need or homeless.

“We have people come in who have lost everything and need a whole house worth of things and we provide that for them, but when we are left with so many useless items our volunteers then have to clean up and discard them.

“We provide all sorts of things from furniture, linen, beds, clothing cutlery, appliances. Everything. But when our bins are full people leave things next to the bins and that encourages people to rummage and break things as they go.

"We are all volunteers here. We all donate our time to help the less fortunate and the volunteers spend endless hours sorting through donations every day and they do a remarkable job. They really do. But it's not fair that people think it is ok to come along and disrespect the bins and leave it for someone else to clean up. "expressed Jeff.

"Anyone who is struggling and needs something, can just come in and ask. That's all they have to do, we are always more than happy to help and give to people in need. That's what we do here at Vinnies. There is no need to rummage and trash things." said Jeff.

Community members in need of welfare assistance can visit the Port Lincoln St Vinnies which is located at 10 Edinburgh Street.

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