Port Lincoln Woman Wins Lotto

 newsXpress Beers Port Lincoln May 2021

A Port Lincoln woman has won almost a million dollars in Saturday's X Lotto prize after mistaking her ticket for a $25 dollar win.

The local woman held one of the six division one winning entries across Australia winning more than $970,000 and had purchased the ticket from NewsXpress Beer’s Port Lincoln.

Following a call from The Lotto, the woman in her 50’s was adamant she had only won a division four prize, however was bewildered when she discovered it was much more than that.

“I checked my ticket this morning. I crossed the numbers off on my ticket and saw I’d won $25,” she explained.
“Oh, get out! Are you serious? Division one!?  Blooming heck!  Are you for real?

“Oh my god. It’s just so hard to believe. I’ve been playing those numbers for a while, but it’s something you don’t expect to happen!”

While still wrapping her head around the win, the woman said she would be spending the money on giving up work and helping her family.

newsXpress Beer’s Port Lincoln owner Joy Whennen said the win was great news for the community.

“We’ve been a lotto outlet for 37 years and during that time have sold several division one winning tickets.
“We wish our latest winner all the best with their prize!”