Call for Locals to Help Deliver 2021 Census

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is currently seeking Eyre Peninsula residents to help deliver the upcoming 2021 census.

The census happens every five years and counts every person, household and cultural diversity in Australia through a questionnaire that is delivered to every doorstep.

Census data tells us about the economic, social and cultural make-up of the nation.

The ABS is recruiting a total of 20,000 people across the nation, with 1423 people in South Australia and are looking to recruit locally to ensure Field Officers are familiar with the local area.

Census Executive Director Andrew Henderson says the short term positions are from July through until September and is a great way to help your community.

“No experience required what's so ever, little bit of life experience is a good thing, we’re looking for confident, comfortable people moving around in your local area, people who are motivated, we really like to get local people because particularly an area like the Eyre Peninsula people who are familiar with the area know where to go to find the household and are comfortable going out on the rural properties and its about making sure that everyone gets included.” said Andrew.

 “We are also recruiting people who can speak a language other than English as part of the job,” Mr Henderson said.  

Applicants are encouraged to view the applicant information kit and apply early as jobs are expected to fill quickly.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to apply at





Image by PublicDomainArchive from Pixabay