Understanding the Impacts of Heat Stress in Sheep

sheep research

A PHD student from the University of Adelaide will be conducting in depth research on the effects of heat stress in grazed sheep.

Up until now, the Impact of heat stress in sheep is not well understood.

Bobbie Lewis Baida will be among the first to complete intensive research and will attempt to remotely measure sheep body temperature to determine its impacts on their physiology, behaviour, fertility and pregnancy.

Miss Baida, who was recently awarded the 2021 SARDI Science Bursary for Women says In a hot environment like South Australia, heat stress can affect sheep in a variety of areas and she is determined to dig deeper into its impacts.

Lewis Baida said she would use the SARDI Science Bursary for Women to help cover the cost of the “high-quality temperature loggers” needed for the research as she works alongside the Adelaide Uni.

“Remote measurement of body temperature may be an efficient tool to prevent and manage heat stress in free-ranging sheep.”

“Human presence disrupts the physiology of sheep and leads to stress-induced hyperthermia and increased metabolic heat production associated with the flight response,” she said.





Image credit: Supplied