Lock Hay Delivered to Struggling NSW Farmers

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Today 144 bales of hay from Lock will be delivered to NSW to assist farmers affected by the mouse plague.

Farmers in Narromine, NSW have been devastated by a mouse epidemic that has left farmers no choice but to burn all of their hay that’s completely infested with mice.

Rural Aid has been working with Hancock Farming Enterprise to donate the much needed hay in areas across the county who have been affected by drought and now mice with this to be their final run from lock. .

Logistics Manager Dale Handcock says they will be hosting a thank you BBQ for Rural Aid who have purchased more than $2.6 million dollars in hay from the Lock community.

“The lock community has benefited quite a lot from this, I think about over 11,000 tons of hey from the lock area has been purchased from Rural Aid and of course that's quite good for a farming community which has been severely affected by Frost. 

“So Lock is looking to do a bit of a thank you for Rural Aid today in the way of how they have really benefited the area not just through the trucking and employment through the truck drivers, but also the farmers and those people who produced the hay as well and all the people in the production.” Said Dale.




Image by Helga Kattinger from Pixabay