1,800 People Sign Whalers Way Petition

An online petition to stop the Whalers Way orbital launch developments has received over 18-hundred signatures, as the first suborbital rocket is set to launch from the site today.


After being postponed due to weather conditions last week, the first trial launch from the Whalers Way site is set to occur between 6am and 6pm today, with maritime exclusion zones and temporary airspace restrictions in place.

Addressed to the South Australian Minister for Planning, Vickie Chapman, the online petition argues Whalers Way would be impacted beyond repair by the facility and asks to keep Whalers Way as an area for coastal conservation.

Resident of Whalers Way for nearly 30 years, Penelope Taylor, says she believes it's critical the State Government realise Whalers Way is not the place to launch rockets and they should find somewhere more fit for purpose.

"This is a bit of a bottleneck down here. I don't see it as a place where the space industry can really grow and to me it's an absolute folly to destroy a highly valuable industry that's already thriving off the back of Whalers Way, she said."

Southern Launch says they have been aware of the petition and encourage the public to send through any of their questions or concerns regarding the Whalers Way Orbital Launch complex directly to their team, so they can address them personally.

The public submission period on the development closes tomorrow, and the Minister for Planning has been contacted for comment.

Image by SpaceX-Imagery from Pixabay