Call for More Eyre Peninsula Carers

Centacare Catholic Country SA are looking for carers to fill short and long term positions across the region.


Last week was Foster and Kinship Care Week, celebrating the role carers play in improving the lives of vulnerable children and young people across SA.

As of June this year, the number of foster carers around the state had increased by 78 to 1-thousand, 4-hundred and 58 carers.

Alternative Care Recruitment and Assessment Officer for the Organisation, Kylie McGuire, says they’ll always need carers from all different walks of life.

"There's not sort of one particular type of care that we're in need of, we sort of need people across the range," she said.

"We need people to do some respite, some urgency care, so that's when people might be contacted at short notice to provide care for a child in an urgent situation, and then we've got our short and long term carers."

Ms. McGuire says there’s a type of care for everyone.

"Even if it's just the respite care where you could help out occasionally or that more long term, it's all really important and really valued by our agency."

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay