Drivers Urged to Slow Down in School Zones

Police are advising motorists across the Eyre Peninsula to slow down, as kids go back to school for the new term.


SA Police will be out across the region as part of the Return to Schools program, and say they may conduct mobile drug and alcohol testing during school times.

Senior Constable with the Port Lincoln Police, Paul Bartley, is urging drivers to stay patient during school times.

"With the start of the new term, I just want to remind drivers that school zones across the state are coming back to life, children are high risk road users because they often can move unpredictably, they're smaller and they're more difficult to see by drivers, and obviously they get easily distracted by the environment," he said.

"So far, two days in, we've been very pleased with the patience that drivers have been showing and the speeds that we've been seeing as well, so stay safe, stick to the 25 in a school zone and enjoy the return to school time."

Photo by Song Kaiyue from Pexels