Opposition to Local Desalination Plant Grows

Opposition to a proposed desalination plant at Billy Lights Point is gaining momentum, with fishers and tourism operators protesting in the Port Lincoln marina yesterday.


A desalination plant is shortlisted for the area, one of the 20 potential sites looked at by SA Water over the last six months, with a ‘Hands Off Boston Bay’ coalition with community members launching in September.

Senator Rex Patrick met with local members of the aquaculture industry in the city yesterday, to discuss the negative impact a desalination plant would have on regional tourism and the economy, and the Boston Bay coalition say they look forward to hosting more state and federal politicians over the next few months.

In a statement, SA Water says as part of the development process, they will complete around 25 different studies, covering areas such as the marine and terrestrial environments, that will be assessed by independent regulators.

SA Water says out of the range of criteria in the review process, environmental impacts are given the highest weighting, in order to maintain the existing quality of the marine environment.

Photo: Hands Off Boston Bay