Whyalla Locals Urged to Get Dogs Vaccinated

Following 22 reported cases of Parvovirus in the city over the past week, the RSPCA are urging Whyalla dog owners to get their pets vaccinated.


Two stray dogs have had to be euthanized by vets after being found collapsed on the street, and a local vet claims this strain of the virus appears to be particularly aggressive.

RSPCA SA chief veterinarian, Dr Brad Ward, says the best way to protect animals is with a series of three vaccinations, ideally administered by a vet in the first 20 weeks of life. 

Dogs contract Parvovirus by coming into contact with vomit or faeces from infected dogs, and once an area is infected, it can remain dangerous for up to a year.

Dr Ward advises that unvaccinated dogs should not come into contact with other dogs or be taken to public areas.

Photo: Pexels