MOU Explores Training Opportunities at Cape Hardy

A new Memorandum of Understanding between a local industry cooperative and an indigenous owned mining contractor will aim to explore opportunities at a proposed Cape Hardy port precinct.


Eyre Peninsula Cooperative Bulk Handling signed the memorandum with Whyalla based Walga Mining and Services, with the MOU looking into mutually beneficial opportunities, including a facility that focuses strongly on indigenous training and upskilling, including in agricultural skills, adjacent to the site.

CEO of the Eyre Peninsula Cooperative Bulk Handling, Tim Scholz, says given the shortages of skilled labourers across all industries, there’s an opportunity to upskill workers in agriculture as well.

"These days, agricultural workers need quite a high level of competency in computers and operating high tech equipment, so it made sense collectively for the region that if there's an opportunity there, it made sense to work together," he said.

"The proposed Cape Hardy project is not just about grain or just about iron ore, hopefully it's about all commodities. We announced a memorandum of understanding with a hydrogen player a couple of weeks ago who are also looking at the Cape Hardy region, so that's a new industry and a sustainable industry, and it made sense working together."

Photo: Pexels