Local Health Precautions Taken as Borders Open

The Eyre and Far North Local Health Network are taking several precautions to protect the community as the state’s borders reopen today.


Thousands of vaccinated people from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are expected to enter the state over the coming days.

Unvaccinated people will need an exemption from SA Health to enter the state.

Head of the Network, Verity Paterson, says they expect the virus to circulate around the community, with staff to be in full protective equipment and screening to occur before people enter hospitals.

"That's just to make sure that if there's any risk that you've got COVID 19, that we can then manage you in a safe way, and when I say safe that's for our wonderful staff, and in particular the doctors and the nurses," she said.

"Our staff will have face shields, masks, gowns and gloves on, which some people might see as a little bit threatening but we just want you to know that will be everyone."

"As good as the screening is, we know this virus is sneaky, you may not feel unwell and it's highly transmissible, so we just have to be extra cautious," she said.

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters