Action Group Aims to Revive Eyre Freight Rail

The South Australian Transport Action Group will hold a public meeting on Sunday to look at the consequences of the region's railway closure and present options for rail revival.


The meeting, being held at the Nautilus Arts Centre in Port Lincoln from 2pm, will include local speakers, members of the grain and transport industry outlining options to get Eyre Peninsula freight back on rail.

Grain transport on the Eyre Peninsula switched to a road based supply chain two years ago after a contract between Viterra and Genesse and Wyoming was not renewed, with the final trains passing through the region at the end of May 2019. 

Chair of the SA Transport Action Group, John Hill, says they have heard concerns from lots of people about truck movements, community safety and damage to roads.

"It is something we really feel needs persuing, and I think one of the problems that you get is how you go about these things, y'know sometimes writing to ministers you get a pat on the head, saying 'don't worry, we know what we're talking about' and we don't think that's good enough," he said. 

"We think you've got to do something in a public way, and we're happy to do that and we'd encourage the locals to jump up and down a bit."

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters