Surf Shop Raises Money for Beach Conservation

A Port Lincoln surf shop is raising money for conservation at a local beach through t-shirts.


In partnership with the Lake Wangary School, Lincoln Surf has pledged to donate a percentage of the profits from specially designed t-shirts towards the protection, re-vegetation and conservation efforts of Greenly Beach by Lower Eyre Coast Care.

Co-Owner of Lincoln Surf, Sam Jervis, said the project started after a letter from a student, asking for a donation to help with their tree-planting project.

"I thought what could we do apart from just giving them a donation, maybe there was something a bit better that we could do and I thought it would be really cool if we came up with a t-shirt and donated five dollars from the sale of every t-shirt towards their project, and that's how it all come about," he said.

To purchase a t-shirt, click here.

Photo: Lincoln Surf