Lower Eyre Residents 'Hesitant' To Travel to Lincoln

The Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Tourism says there’s hesitancy from Lower Eyre Peninsula residents to travel to the city, as active COVID cases remain high.


Yesterday, the city recorded 162 active cases, with the state recording 3,715 new cases. 

The chamber says they’re talking to other business support networks in Port Lincoln and are actively looking into practical ways to support local businesses. 

Chair of Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Sharni-Marie Barney says the lack of confidence to go out in the community is affecting people.

"I think it's that confidence thing that's really affecting people generally," she said.

"It's just that fact of being confident to be able to go out, to go shopping, to be milling around in the community with so much fear around COVID being active in our community after two years of having very little activity, so I think that confidence issue is more the problem than anything at the moment."

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters