Port Lincoln Records Very Low Pollution Levels

New postcode data from the Australian Conservation Foundation has recorded very low pollution levels in Port Lincoln, compared to other Spencer Gulf cities.


The foundation reviewed the National Pollutant Inventory's emission data, collected from power stations, manufacturing plants and mines across Australia, focusing its research on air pollutants like coarse and fine particles, sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen and mercury.

The town's recorded a total of 4,121 kilograms of pollution within the postcode limits, increased to 6,235 kilograms near the Port Lincoln Power Station.

In contrast, Whyalla recorded a pollution total of over 12 million kilograms and Port Pirie recorded over 5 million kilograms.

Deputy Mayor of Port Lincoln, Jack Ritchie, says it's refreshing to see the city's pollution numbers are very low, compared to others across the region.

He says council has iniatives underway that will contribute to keeping pollution down.

"There's going to be a review of council's carbon footprint, development of an action plan around that as well in the 2022-23 period, so there's a range of iniatives going on there about the response to climate change and energy efficiency as well, so all of those things contribute to keeping pollution down," he said.

Photo: Eyre Peninsula Broadcasters