Magpie Swooping Season Begins

Magpie swoop

Magpies singing at night and building nests means only one thing swooping season is just around the corner.

Department for Environment and Water Animal Welfare Manager Dr Deb Kelly said magpies usually bred between August and October.

Dr Kelly said magpies weren’t the only birds that swooped during spring, but they did have the worst reputation thanks to their large beaks and sharp claws.

Environment SA has provided a number of tips to help people avoid danger during Magpie swooping season including:

  • Travel in groups if possible, as swooping birds usually only target individuals.
  • Carry an open umbrella above your head.
  • Wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat.
  • If you ride a bike, walk it through magpie territory or have a flag on the back of the
  • bike that is higher than your head.
  • Do not act aggressively. If you wave your arms about or shout, the magpies will see
  • you as a threat to the nest – and not just this year, but for up to five years to come.
  • Walk, don’t run