Eyre on Eyre Project

Farm beach

A new project titled ‘Eyre on Eyre- Unifying the Eyre Peninsula Tourism Experience’ is set out to invest in the regions coastline assets and revamp the infrastructure of access points and camping spots. 

The project is an initiative of Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula along with Wayfound Consultants, and supported by Natural resources EP and local councils.

The organisations took to the coastline and assessed some of the regions significant and unique locations that need attention, in aim to help boost the Eyre Peninsulas visitor economy.

The project leaders have identified a number of immediate priorities for delivery including Signage, Visitor Information, Rest Areas and Camping Nodes.

RDAWEP chief executive Mr Dion Dorward said, “The tourism potential on Eyre Peninsula is one of the highest in South Australia with a current economic value of $272 million and a projected value of $511 million. There are more than 3,000 people employed directly and indirectly across the visitor economy.”

Areas of focus include; Fitzgerald Bay, Point Gibbon, Redbanks, Lipson Cove, Fishery Bay, Farm Beach, Sheringa, Walker’s Rock, Tractor Beach and Pildappa Rock.

The project aims to make the areas more attractive and easy for visitors to enjoy from accessibility to information availability.

Organisers would like the community to get involved, have their say and review the concept plans.

Community Consultation dates have been established with meetings available for locals to attend throughout February at various location.

For more details on the consultation meetings head to the regional development facebook page.