Port Lincoln Fight for the Bight Paddle Out


This Sunday the 17th of March the local Fight for the Bight group are hosting a paddle out in Port Lincoln to raise awareness about Equinor's proposed plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. 

Awareness is building on a national scale with protests being held all over the country and voices fighting for the Bight becoming louder.

Locals are invited to join the protest with signs and floating devices to paddle out into the water with vessels and come together for a peaceful protest.

The event will also see an array of guest speakers from both the fishing and tourism industries.

After the paddle out, community members are invited to attend an information session at the Beer Garden Brewery.

The aim is to encourage people to read through Equinor's Environmental Plan and lodge a submission before the deadline on the 20th of March.

Lisa Kuerschner member for the local Fight for the Bight team says the issue it is happening on our doorstep, she believes it is our responsibility to act and make our voices heard.

“It’s about people knowing what they can do, the last statistic I heard was that there was something like 16,000 submissions which is a pretty significant number, so after the paddle out we will direct people to the Beer Garden Brewery where there will be Fight for the Bight reps to help people write their submissions “ said Lisa.

"It's about that we are anti oil in the Great Australian Bight, it's just not worth the risk, especially when we have very little to gain from it with it being a Norwiegin company, very little will end up in our pockets here on the Eyre Peninsula or even in Australia." said Lisa

Submissions can be found here: