Petition Lodged for Speed Limit Change in Elliston

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A petition has been recently lodged in State Parliament to change the speed limit on the outskirts of Elliston. 

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar presented the petition and supports the initiative alongside 182 local signatures.

The petition, organised by the District Council of Elliston aims to make the Flinders highway safer by reducing the speed limits on the northern side of Flinders Highway to 60 kilometers per hour.

It has been suggested the zone located at the Anxious Bay Road Turnoff to the Liberty Roadhouse requires immediate action taken by the state government to make adjustments to the approaching speed limits north of Elliston.

The town has noticed a major increase in traffic flow to and from the developing Waterloo Bay Estate, Jetty Precinct, Elliston Caravan Park, Lookout and Anxious Bay turnoff.

It has also been suggested that road trains serviced by the Elliston silos present further danger to the traffic entering the Highway.

Mr. Treloar said “The changes would increase safety for drivers and pedestrians in the increasingly-busy town entrance. Locals and tourists both use the highway, and a speed decrease would make the area safer.”