Experts Encouraging Better Sleep for World Sleep Day

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Today is World Sleep Day and Eyre Peninsula residents are encouraged to take control of their sleeping problems after new research shows one in three Aussies experience sleep Anpnoea. 

The research conducted by Cambridge Weight Plan revealed that obesity is one of the most common causes of sleep apnoea, which causes people to stop breathing repeatedly during sleep.

Lack of sleep has been proven to have multiple health impacts that can range from depression risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, skin aging and can play a critical role in cognitive functioning.

Sleep disruptions caused by weight are also impacting our relations in the bedroom, with one in three (29%) waking their partners during the night, concerned that they have stopped breathing. Whilst two thirds (63%) are struggling to sleep because of their partner’s weight, resulting in one in ten (9%) now sleeping in a different room.

Weight gain and poor sleep can become a vicious cycle and result in the consumption of high sugar foods for energy and comfort.

Sleep Doctor, Dr. David Cunnington says anyone having difficulty sleep like breathing or snoring, a good initial step is to work on lose weight and improving your physical fitness and if these strategies don’t work seek advice and help.

"There some great Australian online resources for information about sleep, the sleep health foundation has a website  and sleep hub has great resources around sleep at" said Dr. Cunnington