SALT Festival Official Launch With Joe Puglisi Coastal Eyre

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Local photographer and third generation fisherman Joseph Puglisi will be featuring in this year’s SALT Festival as a featured artist at the opening night showcasing his work. 

Joseph, also known as Bugs, published a book last year exhibiting his photography called Coastal Eyre and shines a light on the fishing industry in the region.

Joseph says his book launch has been a success and has gained momentum in sending a positive message out for the region.

Joseph said, “Obviously, it’s based on a fisherman’s background and the message I’m trying to get out there is show people what we actually do in the ocean, because there’s a lot of miss conception and of course with that brings negativity and there’s a lot of propaganda out there, it darkens off fisherman. But the book and the exhibition send a message saying we look out for the environment and provide jobs and it’s good for the region.”

Joe says this is the first year has been involved with SALT and is impressed with the hard work from young people in the community.

SALT Festival organisers approached him and asked him to showcase his amazing photographs at their official opening night to portray a beautiful aspect of the region.

Locals can attend the SALT Festival Opening and see Bugs work at the SALT Shaker tomorrow night at 4 pm.


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