Kimba Desperate for a Local GP with Government Failing Them

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Over the past three-four years Kimba has been without a local General Practitioner in town with locals having to travel a significant distance while battling sickness to see a doctor in Cleve. 

The lack of a general health service has become a burden on the community with the council fed up with the lack of help from the government.

The nearest major hospital is Whyalla which is more than 150km away.

While there have been many attempts and promises to recruit a doctor, all of which continue to fall through.

Mayor Dean Johnson says they have had up to 50 candidates come through but for one reason or another haven’t worked out.

Johnson says the council has offered incentives for doctors to come including a home for accommodation rent free, however, this hasn’t been enough and the town is becoming desperate.

“When we first began looking for a doctor, we were told within two years there would be a glut of doctors coming out of the training institute, now what we’ve seen after two years is that there is there actually less in country areas which is completely ridiculous. There is now a general acceptance that the system is failing. What we need to do now is find a solution and we need to find one quickly.” said Johnson.

One of the many issues local’s face not having a local GP is that the road travelling to Cleve isn’t overly safe given there is no service and lots of kangaroos and emus.

Johnson says it’s unacceptable to send people off on that trip when they are unwell.

“Last week we passed a motion through the local government association to highlight the problem with health in regional and rural Australia. We have taken it to top level and we have had a very fruitful meeting with the premier on Friday, so were very pleased he has taken interest in our case and said he’s going to take it on and do as much as he can to find us a doctor.” Said Johnson.