Country People Labelled as Heavier Drinkers


Following new polling research it’s been revealed that a higher percentage of Australians living in regional, rural and remote communities are engaging in risky drinking compared to those living in the city. 

The survey by YouGov Galaxy found that drinkers living outside major capital cities are more likely to consume six or more standards drinks on a typical occasion, than those living in major capital cities (20% to 14%)

However, the statistics showed that alcohol-related problems were higher in regional areas by 5 -10%

Since 2011 there’s been an overall increase in the proportion of drinkers who drink to get drunk from 35 to 47% – close to six million Australians.

FARE Chief Executive Michael Thorn said  “It is well established that rural areas have disproportionately high levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm compared to metropolitan areas, and a recent study confirmed that Australia’s heaviest drinkers are likely to be middle-aged men living outside major cities,”


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