Road Safety Experts Attend Urgent Forum on SA Road Toll


The Government has summoned the state’s leading road safety experts to an urgent forum to tackle South Australia’s unacceptable road toll. 

A number of road safety experts and Representatives from official organisations including SA POL, RAA, MFS and CFS attended the forum last night.

Minister for Police Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Corey Wingard said having everyone together in the same room had risen several road safety possibilities and would help the agencies work together going forward.

Among other important issues, the experts discussed the possibilities of stronger penalties and enforcement for motorists who risk lives by breaking the law.

Wingard said “The road users who decide to travel 30, 40, 50km/h, or more, is of particular frustration.

“Distraction is also a killer on our roads, so it is also important we address its causes.”

“These are not temporary lapses of concentration. They are a conscious and deliberate decision to risk their own life and that of others on the road.

“There have been an unacceptable number of deaths on our roads this year.”

All of the agencies have worked very hard to spread the road safety message far and wide,” Minister Wingard said.

“I am also quite willing to back-up that message with tougher consequences against people who are choosing to ignore that message and decide to drive dangerously regardless."

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Stephan Knoll said ‘We will use the massive boost in road funding to upgrade some of our worst roads, especially country roads where we see more accidents and tragic deaths.