Reducing Waste By Knowing Which Bin

which bin SA

Eyre Peninsula residents are urged to think about what and how they recycle after State Government recently launched a new campaign encouraging householders to consider what they put in their recycling bins and for those that have them, their green organics bins. 

The Which Bin campaign will help to improve householder’s awareness of what can and cannot be placed into the kerbside recycling bins.

Minister for Environment and Water said while South Australians continue to lead the nation in recycling activity, the wrong items continue to be placed in the kerbside collected bin.

 “South Australians are great recyclers and we have a proven history in waste management. However, we can all do much better when it comes to knowing what should, and should not go into the recycling bin and the green organics bin,” said Minister Speirs.

“The more we can divert from landfill to recycling and composting the better for both the environment and the economy – reducing costs for local councils whilst creating jobs.

“We can support the local recycling industry by ensuring that the correct recyclable items are placed in the correct bin and that these are clean and contaminant free.

Key tips for the recycling bin

  • No plastic bags in the recycling bin
  • No food in the waste bin
  • No shredded paper in the recycling bin
  • No fabric in the recycling bin
  • No e-waste or appliances in the recycling bin

Key tips for the organics bin

  • If it didn’t grow, it doesn’t go – nothing metal or plastic in the green organics bin
  • All garden organics like lawn clippings, small branches, prunings and even weeds are fine in the organics bin
  • If your council accepts food scraps you can even put meat, bones and oyster shells in your green bin – commercial composting facilities in South Australia can quickly convert them to valuable organic compost no problem
  • Pet hair and human hair can go in the organics bin
  • Greasy pizza boxes are welcome in the green bin
  • Never put any plastic in your green bin. Only certified compostable bags are acceptable. They must be labelled with the Australian Standard AS-4736 for compostability. Don’t place degradable or bio-degradeable bags in your organics bin.

If in doubt, check the Which Bin website or call the Which Bin hotline on 1300 137 118.