SA Police Road Safety Forums

sa police keeping SA safe

SA Police have a growing concern for road safety especially here on the Eyre Peninsula following weather conditions, road accidents and the additional trucks that are soon to be on our roads, and in light of this SA Police will be hosting some road safety forums next week for the community. 

The Police and Community Engagement forums will focus on providing advice and information to all road users, including heavy vehicle operators, road user responsibilities and the law.

Recently the region has seen some significant car accidents that has also made an impact on the community and police are looking to discuss the responsibility everyone has while using the roads.

Port Lincoln Police Officer Diane Baker-Tagg says there are lots of issues that cause crashes on the roads and police have identified them which include the fatal five.

“Look these forums are going to look into the laws surrounding the heavy vehicle side of things, but it’s also about road safety, so it’s going to be targeted at people that are using our highways.”

“We just wanted to give the community a lot of information on how they can best stay safe, said Officer Baker-Tagg.

The forums will be held next Monday and Tuesday in Cummins and Port Lincoln.

An online Facebook forum will be live stream and will also be available for locals to access through the SA Police page.

Monday 27th May, at 7 pm at the Port Lincoln RSL Hall, 14 Hallett Place, Port Lincoln.

 And on Tuesday 28 May, at 7 pm at the Cummins Bowling Club, 60 Bruce Terrace, Cummins