Road Fine Crack Down

police issue fine 1

The State Government has announced a new schedule of fees, fines and charges for 2019-20 around road offenses and will see most increasing by 5 percent. 

New fines will be targeted at reckless hoons, leadfoot company car drivers and motorists on their mobile phones, who will cop significant hikes in their fines, however, low range speeding will only increase by 1.7%

Fines for anyone caught speeding at 30km/h or more above the speed limit will increase by $552 seeing a total of $1472, while those hoons speeding 45km/h above the limit will cop an extra $622 with a total fine of $1,658.

Motorists using their mobile phone behind the wheel will now pay a fine of $534.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said “Brainless idiots who blatantly thumb their nose at the law, risking the lives of others on our roads, ought to be whacked.”


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