Eyre Peninsula Drivers Well Behaved Over Longer Weekend

police news

Over the long weekend, SA police conducted their usual safety operation with the Eyre Peninsula bringing in some progressive results that saw zero drink drivers out of 502 tests. 

Local police tested 21 drivers for drugs, which only saw three positive readings that are still yet to undergo forensic testing.

Police believe that this weekend’s results suggest that people are heeding the message of driving under the influence.

While DUI’s flew under the radar and were kept to a minimum, 44 drivers were fined for speeding and two were given expiation notices for not wearing their seat belts.

In a statewide overlook, 8547 alcohol tests were conducted with a total of 38 returning positive results.

The Mortlock Shield weekend has been notorious in the past for locals and residents to get out of hand in various ways, however, this year proved otherwise.

Police say of the evenings they kept a close eye on venues and were pleased that most people were well behaved over the weekend.