Wally the Wipeout Waste Wizard Come To Port Lincoln

NEA recycling bins Orchard Road

Wally the wipeout Waste Wizard show is coming to Port Lincoln this week that demonstrates and teaches kids how to reduce food packaging in schools. 

The 40 minutes entertaining and interactive performance will enlighten children on recycling systems and the use of a two and three-bin system that will also incorporate the fun of magic into the show.

The show is ultimately targeted at year 4/ 5 students, school staff and parents with approximately 1000 children and adults expect to attend.

The show is in aim to encourage and support the schooling community in waste management through improving the reduction in waste, monitoring progress and influencing those around them to adopt sustainable behaviour.

the Port Lincoln Primary school will be hosting 4 sessions at 10 am, 150pm today and tomorrow Wednesday 19th at 10 am ad 11:40 am.