EP Farmers Urged to Apply for Mixed Species Cropping Grants

Mixed species crop Freebs and Liz

Natural Recourses Eyre Peninsula are encouraging farmers from across the region to apply for a mixed species cropping grant, with the purpose of undertaking mixed species summer and winter crops for 2019-20. 

The funding has been made available through the Australian Government’s national Landcare Program which provides EP farmers the opportunity to undertake paddock demonstrations and obtain a better understanding of which species work best with their soil.  

NREP Regenerative Agriculture Project Officer Mary Crawford is urging those interested to apply for the $10,000 funding and that expressions of interest are now open to participate in the demonstration.

Miss Crawford said “This mixed species cropping project, which is funded for the next 4 years, involves farmers setting up a long term demonstration of mixed species winter and summer cover crops and monitoring the results.