Eyre Peninsula In Need of More Foster Carers for Vulnerable Children

foster carers

The Eyre Peninsula is looking to recruit more foster carers for local vulnerable children who have been taken in by the Department of Child Protection and local carer organisations. 

A new interactive website was recently launched ( by DCP that aims to attract and generate more foster homes for children facing unstable homes or family and domestic violence. 

The website guides visitors through a questionnaire, which asks about their living situation, cultural background, age and work, highlighting the diversity of people who can help a child or young person in need.

Local Organisations such as Centacare Catholic Country Services and Aboriginal Family Support Services currently have around 37 foster carers and are still in urgent need of at least 21 homes to place vulnerable children.

These figures are a result of CCFS Port Lincoln having 21 of those carers, with an additional 9 in process and approximately 15 homes still needed.

AFSS have 16 of those carers for aboriginal children and are still in urgent need of more carers.

AFSS Regional Manager Angela Fee says they’ve had up to 21 children removed in the past year and are in constant need of foster carers.

Recruitment Assessment Officer Anne Gaskill from Centacare says raising a vulnerable child through foster care can be an invaluable service to the community.

“Foster carers tend to describe it as being an incredibly rewarding thing to do, I mean it has its challenges but most people seem to think they get just as much out of it themselves.” Said Anne.

Children in need of homes can range ages of 18 months to 15 years of age.

Angela says they generally prefer to try and keep children within the community if they can because it’s not ideal to take them away from their home town, schools and community. But in some cases where homes are unable to be found locally, children will be moved to Adelaide as a last resort.

DCP are always looking for more loving, safe, nurturing homes for children and young people who come into care because it is no longer safe for them to live with their birth parents.

Any locals interested in becoming a foster carer for vulnerable children in the community are urged to enquire and contact your local family support service.

Local organisations to contract for foster care enquiries:

The Department of Child Protection Port Lincoln

8688 3344

0-72 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln SA 5606

Centacare Catholic Family Services Port Lincoln:

8683 0733

32 Mortlock Terrace, Port Lincoln SA 5606

Port Lincoln Aboriginal Family Support Services

8683 1909

21 Washington St, Port Lincoln SA 5606