Survey Shines a Light on Workplace Deaths, Injury and Illness

work saftey laws

There are calls to ensure workers on the Eyre Peninsula are better protected from injury and illness, and can take action against employers who fail to look after their safety. 

It comes as a national survey reveals 1 in 5 Australians know someone who's been killed at work, with 4 in 5 having experienced some form of injury or illness as a result of their job.

Around half also report being exposed to a traumatic event, abuse, threatening behaviour or assaults in the workplace.

ACTU Assistant Secretary, Liam O'Brien, wants stronger laws which will ensure the safety of workers and hold their employers to account.

“Right now there is a review of work health and safety laws occurring, and governments around the country will consider early next year recommendations to improve those laws, we need to see both an industry manslaughter offence introduced as quickly as possible to ensure bosses are held to account but also importantly with the rise of mental health issues at work the introduction of regulation that’s going to protect workers from psychological injury.” said O’Brien.


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