NBN Reminds Locals to Be Aware of Scams


The company rolling out the National Broadband Network is warning local residents and businesses about the risk of scams. 

Figures reveal more than 9,500 enquiries about suspected scams have been made to the company in the past three months at an average of more than 100 calls per day.

NBN's Chief Security Officer, Darren Kane, is urging locals to be especially wary of robocalls and requests for personal or financial information.

“Look it’s very important that local residents and businesses to remember that NBN in a wholesaler, which means we will never make unsolicited calls or door knocks to sell NBN services.

“We will never seek access to people’s computer, threaten to disconnect your service or request personal or financial details so if in doubt and you receive one of these calls, just hung up.” said Kane.