Drug and Drink Drivers Busted on the Eyre Peninsula

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Over the weekend Eyre Western Patrols were kept busy conducting random drug and alcohol tests, detecting 9 drug drivers and 4 drink drivers. 

Methamphetamine and cannabis were the leading drugs detected in people systems, with some returning positive to both substances.

Out of the drivers detected, there were 5 women and 9 men, including one woman who was caught drug driving on two occasions within 24 hours even after being directed by police not to drive.

Another woman who was detected with both substances in her system also had a child in the car at the time.

Two of the drivers who were caught drink driving were issued with an instant loss of license, the remaining drug drivers will wait for forensic tests to return to determine consequences.

A majority of the drivers that were caught over the weekend were in the Port Lincoln area, a handful in Whyalla and 1 in Ceduna.

7 of the drivers were also with in the 20’s age gap and the rest over the age of 30.