Lower Eyre District Council Mayor Wants to Meet Her Community

meet and greet

The Lower Eyre District Council Mayor Jo-Anne Quigley & CEO Rod Pearson are planning to get out into their communities over the coming months for meet and greet sessions throughout the Lower Eyre District. 

Mayor Quigley a new Mayor living in Cummins is acknowledging how wide the LEDC is and is wanting to get out and meet locals so that they can put a face to the name.

The casual meetings will begin from September 19th staring at Mt Hope, Mt Dutton and Marble Range, with 12 other locations to be spread throughout October.

Mayor Quigley says by meeting people within the small communities, it will make it easier for people to chat about things and really know who they are talking too.

“I’m really hoping each small community will come out and actually give us some feedback as to what works for their community because obviously the communities and size of townships are quite divers in some areas.”

“The sessions won’t go all day but we hope people will stop in for a tea or coffee to say hello and talk about their community.”