Port Lincoln High School Investigate into schools Time Capsule

high school time capsule

The Port Lincoln High School are investigating into the school’s history of a time capsule that was buried inside the bricks inside the school's amphitheater. 

The school is seeking public assistance from former students who may have more information on when the capsule was buried.

There are speculations of when it may have been buried with thoughts on the mid-1970s when the red brick buildings were complete or in 1998 when the school was acknowledged for its 75th year.

Mr. Shaun Thomas, a teacher at the Port Lincoln High School says they posted on social media to reach out to the community and were happy to discover that the time capsule was actually buried in the 1980s as a bi-centennial reunion of past and present students.

The school is now slowly preparing for their 100th year anniversary in 2023.

Anyone with any information about the capsule are urged to contact the school and share your slice of history with them. 

Port Lincoln High School: 

10 Ruskin Rd, Port Lincoln SA 5606

8683 6000





Image credit: Scott Prideaux, Port Lincoln High School Facebook Page