Blood Cancer Care to be Improved in Regional Areas

Leukaemia doundation CEO

A new report has uncovered the full impact of blood cancers in Australia and shows thousands of lives could be saved if care was improved in regional areas. 

Up to 20 Australians lose their lives to blood cancers each day with around 40 new cases diagnosed - the report predicts those figures will double by 2035.

It comes as the Federal Government announces a new taskforce which will help develop a national action plan aimed at tackling the growing number of cases.

CEO of the Leukaemia Foundation, Bill Petch, says survival outcomes could be significantly improved in regional areas with greater access and consistency of care.

"What this report tells is access especially for regional and rural patients isn’t always consistent, we know that impact consistency of treatment and we improve equity of access for people with blood cancer over the next few years, we can clearly save lives. said Mr. Petch.


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