Dancing Stars Streaky Bay Fundraiser

dancing stars streaky bay

Streaky Bay will be presenting a new and exciting completion Dancing Stars Streaky bay fundraiser that is dedicated to raising money for the Kerrin McEvoY Sculpture project. 

Event organisers have this week announced their dancers that are to feature on the night.

Local streaky Bay personalities Brooke Cupples and Jonas Da Silva; Toni Foster and Nigel Brace; Sam Huntley and Sam Frick; Suzie Kenny and Darren Brown; Tracey Moroney and Phil McEvoy; and KaylaPetty and Tony Braz have put their hands up to take to the dance floor.

Dancing Stars Streaky Bay will be held on the 12th October in the streaky Bay Institute Hall from 7pm with a light supper to be provided.

Locals can cast their votes now via voting for your favourite couple and making a donation with all proceed going to the worthy community project.

Tracy McEvoy, Dancing Stars spokespersons says, “Our team is thrilled that so many willing community people have volunteered to come forward to be a part of this great event.

“We are hoping that audiences and fans of each dancing couple will dig deep and pledge money before and on the night to get their couple over the line to hold aloft the coveted Dancing Stars trophy.

Locals can follow the fundraiser on Facebook and Instagram @dancingstarsstreakybay.

Tickets are available at the visible streaky bay website and for any enquires contact Jayne Holland 0427 706 454 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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