NRMB Calling on Farming Groups to Address Sub-soil Constraints

soil constrints

The Eyre Peninsula Natural Recourses Management Board is calling for funding applications from farming groups on the EP to trial approaches to address sub-soil constraints such as low pH levels at depth, and hardpans limiting root growth. 

Farming groups are invited to submit an ‘Expression of Interest ‘ in implementing paddock-based demonstrations to improve soil organic matter and reduce sub-soil constraints.

Up to $7,000 is available to set up and implement the demonstration site in the first year of the project, and additional funding will be made available for the following two to three years.

Regenerative Agriculture Officer Sarah Voumard said soil can limit or enhance the chance of growing a healthy crop or pasture.

Sarah says she is particularly interested in improving farms soil so they can increase the likelihood for higher yields to be returned.

“No matter where you are on Eyre Peninsula please feel free to give me a call arrange a time for a site visit and to discuss your application,” Sarah said.

Expressions of interest are open until the 20th November and can be made via the natural recourses website.




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