Councils Urged to Offer More Recycling Options

council bins

There are new calls to ensure local councils and households can achieve greater value from the recyclables placed in our kerbside bins. 

It comes as a new report reveals Australia could be wasting up to $324 million each year by failing to handle recyclable materials properly.

But Doctor Emily Heath from EY Australia says we could turn that trash into treasure.

“We can start to do really small things like ensuring we understand how to recycle and what to recycle, and also making sure we have the appropriate bins so that we can put our waste in the right places.

“I think that if we change our mindset and see the value in our trash, we might motivate ourselves to become better recyclers. What also is really clear is that doing very simple things, like making it very easy for people to recycle, or easy to know what to do can have a huge impact on all of our behaviours.” said Emily.




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