Port Lincoln BBQ House Fire

fire truck

Yesterday morning just before 4 am Metro Fire Services were called to a Port Lincoln Hill Place residence following a pergola area fire. 

Two MFS crews and Eight firefighters were called to the scene and had the BBQ fire out within 5 minutes.

Officials say the damage to the property was worth approximately $15,000 to the back veranda and pergola area.

Thankfully no one was injured during the incident.

The cause of the fire is believed that some residual food or oil was (unknowingly) smouldering and that, over several hours, caused the rubber hose on the gas pipe leading from the BBQ to the gas cylinder to slowly burn through, until it reached the gas bottle.

It’s believed the gas bottle may have accidentally been left on, meaning the smouldering rubber hose reached the LPG bottle, with gas catching alight.

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