Fishers Reminded To Watch their Bag Limits

blue swimmer crab

Locals and recreational fishers are being reminded to be aware of the daily bag limit of Blue Swimmer Crabs following a man caught with 158 blue swimmers last week.

The man was caught fishing in Adelaide waters and was tipped off by a member of the public to Fishwatch.

The incident has prompted fishing authorities to ensure those making the most of fishing opportunities over the school holidays to be mindful of their bag limits to ensure we obtain sustainable fish stocks.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said the majority of recreational fishers follow the rules to ensure the long-term sustainability of our fish stocks for future generations to enjoy

This sort of blatant poaching by a minority of fishers has the potential to put South Australian fisheries at risk.

The minister says “Blue swimmer crabs have been a success story over recent years with strong numbers and an increase in their distribution. Over-fishing and harvest of undersized crabs could put future stocks at risk.

“Fishers can help by reporting any illegal or suspicious behaviour to Fishwatch on 1800 065 522. Reports can also be made via the SA Recreational Fishing Guide app.



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