Getting Your Recyclables Right

recycle guidelines

The Cleve District Council are reminding local residents of items that can and cannot be recycled following a spike in contaminated items found within the communities recycling bins.

While there can be a lot of confusion around what does and doesn’t go into recycling bins the council are advising locals that items such as paper, magazines, newspapers and junk mail, cardboard, green, glass bottles and jars, juice and milk cartons, all plastic bottles and containers, steel tins, aluminum cans and empty aerosols CAN be placed in recycling bins.

Items that are not accepted in recycling bins include Plastic bags or recyclables inside plastic bags, takeaway coffee cups, disposable nappies, garden waste, polystyrene foam, bubble wrap, syringes or medical waste, oils, ceramics, ovenware or light bulbs, plastic bottle caps, shredded paper.

Napkins, paper towels and tissue are generally considered to be too contaminated to recycle. 

Locals are being asked to be mindful of what items they are placing in their recycling bins.